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At NavSahyog Foundation, we value diversity and inclusiveness. We encourage the participation of girls and women in our program


children in our Program are girls


of our team members are women


of these women live in villages

We conduct impact studies to understand the development of life skills and non-life skills.

We determine our impact through a questionnaire administered to the children, parents and teachers with questions around various life skill and non-life skill parameters. 

In March 2023, we completed our 5th Impact Study, after doing similar studies in March 2022, March 2021, Jan 2020 & September 2019

The March 2023 Study covered 4367 Children, 4256 Parents and  2629 Teachers from 181 villages in 13 clusters across Tamil Nadu Karnataka and Nagaland. It was observed that >70% of  parents, teachers, and children observed High to Very High changes across all 24 life skills and non-life skill parameters”


The full report is available below

NavSahyog Foundation - Impact Study March 2023

NavSahyog Foundation - Impact Study March 2022

NavSahyog Foundation - Impact Study March 2021

NavSahyog Foundation – Impact Study January 2020

NavSahyog Foundation – Impact Study September 2019