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Our Story

A group of like-minded individuals came together in early 2016 to address a big problem in the social sector. They chose education as their domain. They then started to explore what could be the big problem in the education domain.

Upon studying secondary data related to education in India, they uncovered that nearly 70% of school-going children in India are in the villages. They then started connecting with various organizations doing stellar work in education, rural development etc. They also travelled to villages to understand first hand, the issues and challenges the children in the villages face.

It was a collective knowledge that gave the pointer to them that more than 90% of the children in the villages drop out before completing schooling. Besides an incomplete education, they also lack essential life skills like self esteem, communication, confidence, teaming, resilience, values etc.

The impact of this is described in – The Big Problem section of the video.

The job opportunities in the villages are highly limited. The only way for the youth in the villages to achieve superior livelihood is to take up entrepreneurship. There are many unmet needs in the villages which are waiting for good quality solutions to be provided at affordable prices. 


Even if today the youth are told about these possibilities they are unable to take them up because, they lack well-developed life skills like self-esteem, confidence, teaming, value etc. Thus, the team decided to develop their life skills at their most impressionable age (5-14 years), which will enable them to take up entrepreneurship creating superior livelihood.  


In villages, another challenge that the girl children face is, being forced to drop out of school and early childhood marriages. These issues also get addressed through the development of life skills in girl children.

The team decided to follow 5 Principles on which they based their entire initiative.

Our Journey

Our initiative started in November 2016, under the aegis of Sahyog Foundation, a trust registered with 12A & 80G certifications. We were kindly let to carry out our initiative by the Managing Trustee, Mr. Anish Kumar, with an understanding that once we are ready to grow our initiative, we will set up a separate entity.

Consequently, having grown to 270 villages across Tamil Nadu Karnataka and Nagaland. NavSahyog Foundation was set up in February 2020, under Section 8, as a not-for-profit company. We transitioned our initiative with all our employees, villages and beneficiaries to the NavSahyog Foundation.