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Covid-19 Relief Initiative

When the lockdown was announced, we quickly adapted our program:


We introduced strict covid appropriate safety norms for our team and the children: Mask-wearing, Hand wash with soap before the start and at the end of daily activities and maintaining safe distances. We suspended all contact sports like Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, instead, we introduced yoga and meditation. We retained creative activities like storytelling, thumb painting, etc. We taught all children how to make and wear masks.

During the first wave, not only did the lockdown affect school-going children in villages, but it also had a severe impact on the livelihood of several families in the villages.


To mitigate the impact of this situation, we provided kits with essential provisions to more than 600 households across 21 villages.

The below document gives a more detailed description of our covid-19 relief initiatives. 

NavSahyog Foundation’s Covid-19 relief initiative (PDF)